Digital Creations International (Jp)


Services and Products:



Digital Maps and mapping related knowhow:

DCI is able to consult on digital maps and map related technologies.

Starting from displaying selected area maps on computer screens, processing and linking visual data to add values to the base maps, processing of various digital maps, etc. can be offered on consulting bases.



Information technology:

DCI provides various computer and information technology services that include cloud-based application development as well as web page design, creation.

We also offer custom development of graphics processing applications for scientific analysis of visual data.

Design and development of custom hardware & software set based on System on Chips (SoC) or microcontrollers at small scale production is also possible.



Artificial Intelligence:

DCI has extensive knowhow in artificial intelligence.  The knowledge base goes back over 30 years up to the most modern use of Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) for neural networks.  

The knowledge can be applied and offered as various services and products.